Saturday, 19 March 2016


Hey guys happy weekend, we all know how busy our weekend is going to be, we have events and outings to go to and you are looking for the perfect lipstick to go with your plump lips,? Not to worry because I have got you covered. I am  sucker for a long lasting lipstick and colour pop for sure,  I have naturally full lips which I am grateful for but for those who has normal pretty lips, in order for you to get full lips you need a lip liner that goes with the lipstick you are going to apply and this liner is drawn over the lips in other to give a fuller and plump look.
Back to the lipstick guys...... There are so many colours to choose from but as for choice I go with red, nude, pink, orange, blue, purple and brown. But I am in love red lipstick it never gets old, it still gives off this sexy vibe which I love,  nude colour is so so natural and coupled with the other colours of lipsticks I mentioned earlier.
Today I will be showing you guys the colours I think you should try out this weekend and probably next week. Ladies, we do love when our spouse tell us we have the most sexiest lips they had ever seen, so guys try out these colours and have a happy weekend all together.

The lipsticks colours above are so amazing but.... I would like to show you why I love red and why it doesn't get out of style. So guys take a look..... 
You can get these colours from lashed lipsticks by blac Chyna, lipkit by Kylie Jenner, Kaepop by karruche, mac lipstick etc. So many places to choose from. Hope you guys enjoy today's post.. Don't forget to comment and follow back. Bye.....  

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